One Pound of Clay a day for 100 Days

One Pound of Clay a day for 100 Days

My dog DillonMy Dog, Dillon

So much snow in West Michigan, my dog, Dillon, is asking me when is it going  to be spring?  I decided I needed a challenge and this is what I came up with –  One Pound of Clay for 100 Days.

Many years ago, and then again in a Tony Clennell workshop, I was asked to take one pound of clay and make something – anything with it.  The course I was in about 15 years ago, used this as a warm up exercise to begin your working day in clay.  Tony was trying to get us to make something outside of our usual wheel thrown work and wanting small work to fill up the wood kiln.  So, this weekend, I had this idea what if every day for 100 days, I hand build an object using one pound of clay.

Here’s the first day, a pair of bird salt/pepper shakers:

Hand built bird salt and pepper shakers