Relating to Your ArtWork


Land Between Sy Ellens

Land Between Watercolor, 22×22

At C2C Gallery, we believe that you should love and relate to the artwork that you own.  Otherwise, why buy it?  We have several artists with whom we continue to have ongoing relationships.  Their work may not be physically in the gallery, but talk with us.  Tell us what you think you are looking for or tell us what you like.  We can help you find that one of a kind painting.  I am always surprised (which shouldn’t happen at this point) how much the right painting will add to your home or office.  It will warm a space, make it more personal, and actually help the surrounding furniture look better.  (This painting was created by Sy Ellens.  We have 8 more on display through the end of October.) 

Stone Pile

Stone Pile

Fenceline by Sy Ellens