So, Mikey McGhee says this is a teapot?

I met Mikey McGhee about a year ago.  I was throwing on my potter’s wheel in my workspace at C2C Gallery.  She stopped in to have a look with her husband.  Mikey asked if I was taking on new artists, which I wasn’t at the time.  They left.  Her husband would stop in periodically to chat seeing how we were doing as a business.  Then, one day, I took the time to look at Mikey’s work and read about her.  What impressed me was her desire to create a form that should be impossible to make in clay.

Mikey McGheeMikey McGhee

Her tenacity is another thing.  She continued to ask if she could show her work at C2C.  I finally paid attention.  Mikey’s teapots are amazing.  She has worked hard to exhibit them all over the country.  They were on exhibit in New York City recently.  I feel fortunate to be able to show them to our West Michigan market.

McGhee teapot.Posy by Mikey McGhee

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Better yet, stop in on Friday night, June 6 and meet Mikey.