Studio, Gallery and Life: 43 Thankful

Since March of 2020, I have been careful with everything related to getting groceries, other shopping, seeing family and friends (or not), and attending zoom meetings (instead of in person board and committee meetings). As summer hummed along, I found myself getting more lax with being inside of the grocery store or having friends over for dinner.

Then, a long time family friend died and a funeral was planned. I took my mother to the gathering. No one wore masks. Within 7 days, more than 6 people had Covid. Several attendees ended up in the hospital. My mother and father contracted Covid. They both have been vaccinated and one had received the booster shot. Luckily, (and we believe because they were vaccinated) their symptoms were quite mild.

This past week, a cousin died from cancer complications. Another visitation and funeral to attend. As a family, we need to come together. We need to remember the family fun and goodness of this man. Can we hug? Should we wear masks? How many times should I wash my hands in the 2-3 hours? I guess we will see.

On a much brighter note, I have been in my studio quite a bit this past week. One of the best things about having my hands in clay, is the time to listen to podcasts. I learn so much with my hands busy. Isn’t it interesting how our brains are able to consider creative choices and listen to intellectual ideas at the same time? These are the podcasts that I enjoy:

art in the yard community eventIn the Studio:

I did get into the studio quite a bit this week and last.  I am finishing up some lanterns, mugs, and sets of tiny houses for a community art show in October.

Little houses. pandemic houses

Time passages appetizer plates by cyndi casmier

little dishes with lake michigan sand

Did you know?

When you see gray to black markings/haze on the surface of my pots, they are not a mistake.  Actually, they are a phenomenon that happens with the glaze chemistry and atmospheric gas kiln firings.  I never know where and if carbon-trapping will occur on a pot when I use my orange, white, or blue shino glazes.  When it does occur, I love it.  It feels as though the pot was kissed by the kiln.

blue beach handmade mug by cyndi casemier
In the gallery:

New work pots by Richard Aerni continue to be added to the website.  I picked them up a couple of weeks ago while traveling to Vermont.  We have new mugs by Michael Kifer also.  Plus, we sold a Michelle Courier and Mark Mehaffey painting this week. I am thankful.

Soldoriginal acrylic painting of the irish coast

“Irish Coast” by Mark Mehaffey

spring acrylic landscape painting by michelle courier

“Spring” by Michelle Courier

Consider sending a JoyDrop this week to a friend or colleague.  You will be remembered for your thoughtful and unique gift. 

Take good care, C2.

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