Trying to Simplify

Trying to Simplify2013-28Jun-life-of-pot-14

I am trying to simplify my work and still have it relate to the ideas bouncing around in my head.  A hard thing to do. So, for now, I am thinking about our Lake Michigan water moving back and forth across our beaches, the movement of sand, and how functional pottery needs to not compete with the food being served in it.


With those thoughts in mind, I have been throwing large serving bowls in porcelain.  Trimming and then carving away the outside surface to feel like the movement of water or sand.  They haven’t been glazed yet, so not sure if I will be happy with them.  It is a start.


From there, I jump to making little houses and tea bowls with stands.   After these bowls are fired, I have eight thrown at this point.  I am thinking tall porcelain vase or bottle forms glazed in a green celadon.  Can you see an arrangement of these Tall Bottles in celadon, Shino houses and low tea bowls, and then textured porcelain serving bowls in green celadon?  I think I can.


Now, on to the other part of my life:  Managing C2C Gallery.  I need to design an ad today for On the Town magazine, return emails, send an entry form out to an artist for this year’s ArtWalk.  The list is getting longer by the minute.  Time to get moving.  Have a good day.  C.