Visual overload

I visited my daughter in New York City. She was excited to take me to several art shows. These shows are larger than SOFA Chicago, held in several locations around the city. There was SCOPE and the Amory Show, plus many independent shows. It is so good to get out of my usual day to day. Hearing many languages, lots of noise, people, and lots and lots of art.

One thing I noticed is that there is a huge body of art that is out there to shock you. I believe that the art created is supposed to stop you. Make you think. I am not sure what. Mostly, it made me, look and decide that I don’t like artwork that shocks me. I prefer to look at work that causes me to look from left to right, top to bottom, re-look at specific areas of a piece. Contemplate what I like or don’t like. Do I understand the work? In my opinion, is it good art? Does the work have good composition? Can I relate to the subject matter? I couldn’t help but think what instructors of my past would focus on, wondering what they would be saying about these different entries. I looked at the artists, gallery owners, and the huge numbers of people, just like me, looking. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know what we collectively thought?

Here’s some eye candy for you. Enjoy.

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