What would you enter in a journal? Do you take the time?

What would you enter in a journal? Do you take the time?

I have been following several different artists who write in journals on a regular basis. Two of them, have built a business out of journaling.  I found a video today that was so intriguing that I wanted to share it with you.  But, what is really interesting is the notion that the world is very small.  Paul Berensohn was first a dancer.  Then, a potter after seeing Karen Karnes work on the potter’s wheel.  Then, a journal maker and teacher.

Paulus Berensohn

Coptic binding is a process where several pages are sewn together through their folds, and (if more than one section) attached to each other with chain stitch linkings across the spine.  Paulus taught at Penland School of Craft.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have been able to join his workshop.  Then, teach other’s how to create their own journals. I love the technique of painting to create the cover.
Paulus Berensohn
Paulus Berensohn has taught thousands of people across there USA and across the world how to make and keep their own journals, books he sometimes calls “Soul’s Kitchen”.  Soul’s Kitchen celebrates making things by hand as a gift and, in turn, making it by hand is a gift.  Paulus is a quiet man who with lots of patience as he teaches his students how to make their own journals.
Soul’s Kitchen from TOTM Film on Vimeo.
Stuart Kestenbaum says “Paulus Berensohn has gone on to make his own life one of being present and beholding and, because of that, he helps us to behold as well– to slow down and look more deeply at the living, breathing planet we inhabit. Whether he is working in clay, making journals, or reciting poetry, he is a vital presence, attuned to the powers of the heart, the hand and the human spirit. Ever since the publication of his book, Finding One’s Way with Clay in 1972, Paulus Berensohn has been an articulate and passionate teacher and speaker about the importance of the work of the hand and the creative spirit.”


berensohn making pots

Paulus berensohn pinch pot

Love this! Letter to a friend/student:


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