Where do I put my lips?


Chris Gustin_Web

Chris Gustin Teabowl made with 3D Printer

I woke today to read about Tony Clennell at NCECA and Chris Gustin with technology.
Tony’s post made me think about a conversation he and I had about drinking vessels. “Tony, you would have loved being a fly on the wall last Saturday evening.”  We had friends over to consume a huge bottle of wine that Brian had purchased.  
We made it a Tapas themed evening.  So much fun!  After dinner, one of our friends opened a bottle of Pisa liqueur.  The bottle actually leans like the Italian building.  
Pisa Liqueur
We are looking for shot glasses and began pulling out small handmade cups/teabowls that I have in our cupboards.

Tony Clennell teabowls

Tony Clennell teabowls with NarNar

One of Tony’s came out, the one from La Meridiana with a raggedy edge.  My story about our conversation and how I still believe that a drinking vessel should always be smooth and wonderful on your lips.  I relayed your opinion that you want your users to consider where they put their lips before drinking.  Everyone in the room began looking, really looking at the cup in their hands.  I loved that interaction and little bit of educating.  Now when our friends look at a handmade cup, they will check it out and remember our dinner together.
That is why I love using handmade – the memories!