10 or more paintings SOLD in one weekend. Amazing!

10 or more paintings SOLD in one weekend. Amazing!

At C2C, we continue to bring on new artists and search out those that represent the best of their chosen medium.  Our mission is to bring “art for your everyday life” to a reality for our clients.

Why own art?

Of course, that is a choice for each of us. But a great rule of thumb is to own it because you love it and it enhances your home or office. You incorporate art into your life and life is more enjoyable as a result.

Our gallery is home to many of the best artists in their category. Today, we want to share the unique style of Michelle Courier with you. Michelle is a nationally known painter and offers her work at some of the best galleries in the country…places like Lake Tahoe and other great locations.  Her work offers landscapes and abstracts that will fit into many different spaces within your life – home, cottage, or office.

In 2011, Michelle found us.  We were “wowed” by her paintings. Currently, we are fortunate to have our widest selection of Courier paintings ever.

Every once in awhile, our artists bring work to us that is special. All artists bring the best they have when creating and once in a while some of those pieces are standouts.  Michelle has brought us work that falls into the standout category.

Michelle Courier water painting

We at C2C are fortunate to partner with Michelle and have a large selection of her work in the gallery right now.

 Summer Pond by Michelle Courier

The work of Michelle has been steadily increasing in value.   We have more than 15 landscape and abstract paintings at this time, between Grand Haven and Grand Rapids.

Yosemite 3 By Michelle Courier

Two Abstract 24 x 24 paintings by Michelle Courier

If you have a spot for a special piece by a great artist,

please stop in to see these works in person.