Amazing what Art adds to an Environment!

It is amazing what artwork brings to a space, whether it is a living room, office, or bedroom.  You can add color;  a feeling of calm; a sense of the positive; or a memory of something loved.  In the past three weeks, we have been hanging artwork at Lakeshore Office Furniture in Grand Rapids.  The response has been fun to hear:
“Wow, I didn’t realize how drab it was working in here.”
MIchelle Courier art

Michelle Courier Paintings

“The paintings look great with our furniture and cabinets.”

Christi Dreese Paintings

“This artwork creates life in the space and helps us plan new working environments.”
Abbey Fitzpatrick's paintings

Abbey Fitzpatrick Paintings

“Memories of our urban past.”

Bob Walma’s Klingman Warehouse Images

Let us help you bring warmth and vitality to your working and living environments.  We will have fun finding one of a kind artwork that you will love.