Started today looking at my to-do’s, actually doing several things at once.  This is my m-o.  I am trying to break this habit of paying attention part way to several things rather than my undivided attention to one thing.  Anyway……
I was online and saw a posting by Brian Vander Ark, of Verve Pipe,  regarding an interview and his latest album.  He and Jeff Daniels co-wrote the song “Overboard”, which led to a video.  We have so many talented residents in our area – all forms of art.

Overboard by Verve Pipe“Overboard”

Friday, April 3, 6-8pm, our downtown is hosting its
Second First Friday Art Hop.  
We have more than 19 businesses and artists participating.  

First Friday Art HopFirst Friday Art Hop

Please put Friday, April 3, on your calendar,
support your local art scene and small business owners.