3rd day in 100 Days with One Pound of Clay

3rd day in 100 Days with One Pound of Clay

What a strange day!  I woke to high winds, snow, and gray skies.  Later, still windy but some sunshine.  Do I sound like a weatherman?  I am getting so very tired of this weather.  Next week more cold days, under 20 degrees.  Yuck!

My clay girlfriends have told me that I am doing this 100 days in clay because I have cabin fever.  I think I just want to see what I make with one pound of clay.  Today, I was thinking about my favorite Asian work at the Chicago Art Institute.

Each time that I visit the Art Institute, I stop in that area and have another look.  My other favorite work is the ceramic pillows.  This piece is a “Tripod Wine Cup”, Shang Dynassty, 1600-c. to 1050 B.C..  It is made of bronze.  I don’t know what it speaks to me, but it does.  My husband and kids are tired of looking at it.

Here is my 3rd One Pound quick clay piece:

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