Day 4 of 100 days with One Pound of Clay

What a gorgeous day!  Lots of people in town.  The sunshine draws them in.  I heard many conversations throughout the day about visiting our waterfront.  Almost everyone had read reports of people walking across our channel to the North Pier and that three people fell through the ice.  No one died, luckily.  This weekend, I heard caution from hikers.  Bob Walma's image of the pier

Bob Walma, photographer

My morning started with a private lesson.  A couple from Three Rivers drove up to take a class, enjoying both Grand Haven and Grand Rapids.  Plus, another gal joined us who had won the session in a silent auction earlier this year.    Then, spent the day talking with customers, introducing them to our artists and their work.  I did get a bit of time to finish a platter and make my piece using only one pound of clay.  Do you remember the small ceramic salt and pepper shakers that our grandmothers had or that you can still see at Zingerman’s?  Well, I didn’t make figurines but pillow salt and pepper shakers.

Dutch Salt and Pepper shaker

Salt and Pepper Shaker pillows