Magician….fool thyself.

Magician….fool thyself.

CERF is a wonderful organization that helps artist’s around the world.  They recently published an article providing information about artists’ income.  I thought this was pretty interesting.


My friend, Grass, told me to organize my week in this way:  find an item that you can make repeatedly (like mugs), make them three days a week; make work that feeds your soul on the fourth day; make appointments to sell the repeatable item on the Fifth Day and follow through on those appointments, never shirking responsibilities related to them; and try to take two days off for family and home.  He promised me that if I kept on that path, I would make it financially as an artist.

What I have found over time, is that it is very hard to be disciplined.  Let me know if you think this article is accurate.

“Mojo is not the resin that a pitcher puts on the ball.  Mojo is the magic that you make as you go.” (Robert Genn).