Abstract Interconnection

Christi Dreese Interconnection series

What do you think when you hear “Abstract Interconnection”?

I think that is an interesting use of words.  For me when I hear the word abstract used to describe a painting I think “non-representational”.   Christi Dreese titled this new work “Interconnection Series”.  Are the pieces interconnected between one another?  Is there a connection to the images within each painting?  For me, you must like and love the painting for it to go into your personal spaces, whether it is your home, cottage, or office.  I do believe there is a connection between the objects within each painting and the lines drawn. When you see this work in person, you see a lot of texture between the paint and graphite lines.  There is a lot going on, actually very quietly, when you take the time to really look.  Even with the bright colors.

Interconnection Series by Christi Dreese

How do you know if you will love it in a certain location of your home or office?  One way is to try it out.  Take a painting or several paintings home.  See what looks best.  Christi has painted several variations in this series – long, wide, small, large, on canvas without a frame, on paper/matted and framed.  I am liking all variations.  My house is fairly neutral.  Look what one of her paintings does in it:

Interconnection Series by Christi DreeseIf you need help/input, we can go to your home.  Many times a custom painting is the answer.  You love this one painting but the colors or size is wrong.