An Electric Desert….. not the Electric Forest!

I am out in the desert, traveling with clay sisters. Such a special time with conversations of ceramics, dreams of what we would love to create, personal lives, family, and more.

Cyndi laughing hard in Sedona, AZ

Bev captured this pic of me cracking up!  Who knows why I was laughing so hard?!  I am laughing looking at this image. We were headed up to Sedona. I am the driver for this group. Everyone else takes turns navigating. We have named our Waze GPS system “Becky”. Becky can be rather insistent at times when I turn the wrong direction. The gals have learned that I am directionally challenged!

Cathedral of the Rock, Sedona AZ

Look what we found?

Lucy Lewis bowl, of the Acoma Indians.

A Lucy Lewis bowl. She was an Acoma Native American potter. It’s amazing what you find along the way when you travel.

Yesterday, in the 90 plus degree heat, we visited the Phoenix Botanical Gardens. They were wonderful. For me, the Tucson Desert Museum is a favorite. After dinner, we headed back to the Gardens for an Electric Light Show. A friend suggested that smoking something before viewing this show would make it really special. 😉

Phoenix Botanical Gardens

Phoenix Botanical Gardens

Botanical Phoenix Garden

Saguaro Skeleton

And then, back to the Botanical Gardens, in the evening. They call it an Electric Desert”. Check out the pics:

Light show of cacti at the Phoenix Botanical Gardens.

Light show of cacti at the Phoenix Botanical Gardens.

Evening at Phoenix Botanical Gardens

Have a great day.  I bet you can do something creative today……or tomorrow.  C2 .

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