Creative – Is this a positive or negative word?

I was reading a blog post from a fellow blogger a couple of days ago.  It had me thinking about how “being a creative person” can sometimes be considered a nuisance or different, instead of a gift.

Ronna Alexander working on an encaustic painting

Being a creative person, at times, means that problems are solved in a different manner than other people; a school project is given and a creative person finds a way to complete the project different than the teacher had intended; a decorated cake made at home is not just covered in frosting but it has spring flowers on top; or a flower bed continuously blooms from Spring to Fall in amazing arrangements of color.

Flowers in bloom landscaping project by Grand Haven Garden House

We have a new painting artist, Ronna Alexander, who creates lovely abstracted landscapes using encaustic waxes and more.  Originally, encaustics waxes were used by the Egyptians for enbalming their dead; then sailing ships used encaustics to protect their boats from sea water;  1970’s artists began experimenting with them.  (being creative) . Today, we have artists all over the world creating lovely, highly textured wall art.  They might add papers, photographs, to the art, building up layers.  We have several of Ronna’s paintings in several sizes (even small ones).  I am considering three to hang in a row creating color in a little niche.


I believe everyone is creative daily. Writing this blog is being creative. How are you creative?  Take care, C2.

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