Fall Workshop with Donna Zagotta – Finding your Way

Fall Workshop with Donna Zagotta – Finding your Way

Mark Mehaffey introduced me to Donna Zagotta about three years ago.  We have enjoyed representing this talented painter at C2C Gallery.  She and I talked about her teaching a workshop in Grand Haven this Fall.  You can learn more about this opportunity by clicking on this image:

Donna Zagotta teaching a painting workshop

As a clay artist, we constantly ask ourselves, what type of clay work do we want to create.  It’s a constant wrestle between our ears and our hands.  Do I want to make sculptural or functional?  One of our artists, Marion Angelica, has found a path where she takes her textural interest in sculpture and transferred it successfully to hand-built porcelain functional pots.  But I digress.

Tools of a painter donna zagottaIn this workshop, you will learn how Donna composes her watercolor paintings and more.  She is a competent teacher who asks thought provoking questions to help you move down “your” creative painting path.  Donna is comfortable working with acrylic, oil, watercolor paints, and more.  I am considering registering for this course.  I am sure that what I learn will transfer to my clay work.

Cheers, I hope you do something creative today!  C2 .

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