Thinking about boats.

It must be spring. My girlfriend and I walked our usual loop from her house around our beachfront, into town, and back to her home this morning. Spring is everywhere! It feels great to be outside and not bracing ourselves for the cold wind and ice.

(This is a picture from about two weeks ago. The ice is now gone.)

I can’t help but think about water and boats. My clay work has revolved around our beaches; how we spend our time each month; lunar phases; and how do our homes represent our lives.

I have been working in my studio this evening. The lines represent the days in the month. The circle is our moon. “How are you going to spend your time?” That is my ongoing question to myself.

(My houses relating to time.)

My dad ( well, not really. My dad died about 10 years ago and my mom remarried a wonderful man.) who turned 88 today. We celebrated him this evening. How does he spend his days? He loves meeting up with friends; spending time with my mom; working in their yard; floating in his hot tub; and seeing family.

I journal daily. Currently, my drawings are about ideas for future clay projects. I am thinking about entering our regional shows this year. A new thing for me. Usually, my journal entries revolve around what is going on between my ears. Today, my writing is all about ideas…..for pots or sculptural work.

It’s Sunday night. Time to sleep and begin a new work week. I hope that it’s productive and creative.

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