Artist moved to NYC at 17

Camille Johnson at C2C Gallery

 Camille Johnson
 Time Based Visual Art


 I moved to New York City by myself when I was seventeen.

This piece is a self portrait. This piece is a landscape.

It is this city’s record of my personal landscape and

 It is my record of this cityscape.

 It is a record of how those landscapes have met and

 How they penetrate.
A self-portrait is to take note of an exchange

 Between you and your context.

 It is a single interpretation.

 With each contact you make within and beyond

 The boundaries of your skin,

 A hybridization.

   And there is residue.

 This self-portrait is the residue.

When I draw with charcoal,

I am drawing on the canvas but the canvas is drawing on me too.

I am covered in residue and I can’t help it.

Only the canvas will hang on the walls as “the piece”

But I am the piece too because

There was a contact,

A hybridization,

And there was so much residue.

This piece attempts to make that residual-ity of a self-portrait

And a landscape explicit.

Time Based Visual Art by Camille Johnson

Time Based Visual Art by Camille Johnson

This project will be up through the month of August.  Camille has returned to New York City to continue working her craft.  Thank you to Bob Walma for his images of her project.

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