What has splashes of blue and pink?


For people who live in West Michigan, nature is one thing that is part of

your everyday life.

For Jacob Koster, one of C2C Gallery’s artists, it’s also a part of his everyday art. Jacob is a retired art teacher, and after 32 years of teaching, he now gets to pursue his artistic endeavors full-time. His work ranges from mugs to platters and bowls. He also makes plate sets. They are hand built stoneware, which gives them all a very light weight. He calls himself a painterly potter. Earlier in his career, he focused primarily on painting and drawing.

Now, he has graduated to painting on 3-dimensional surfaces. He uses a variety of bright colors, regardless of if he is depicting fish, fruit, or faces. His fish are indigenous breeds from Lake Michigan, and they are anatomically correct, with splashes of blues and pinks among the neutral tones. His face pitchers may be his most intriguing. The pitchers are covered in a single painted face. The faces are painted with rich blues and blacks, and they are reminiscent of Greek and Roman sculpture, like the face of Michelangelo’s David. His fruit pieces are also vibrant, using greens and reds.

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(Co-written with summer intern, Emma Baty)