Do you know who Frank Gehry is? Ken does.

Ken Foster is our featured artist for the month of November.  I have enjoyed seeing his studio, work, and getting to know him a little.  Ken is a good artist.  He told me that after graduating from college in New York, he decided to apply to various MFA programs.  He was accepted into Cranbrook Academy of Art. Ken said that when he arrived to attend class, he couldn’t believe that he was attending this fine art school.  However, when you look at Ken’s range of artwork, you know why he was accepted into their program.  Ken taught ceramics at Muskegon Community College for most of his career in academia.  Since retiring, he has been working with found objects and turning them into art.  His sense of aesthetics is very pleasing.  I could see his wall hangings in many different rooms throughout a home or office.

Woven Series by Ken Foster

Here are Ken’s answers to my questions:

What turns you on creatively, spiritually, or emotionally?

A beautiful day; walk on the beach; bike or kayak ride; a well designed object; a good piece of music or book; a good glass of wine or beer.

Do you have an influence or theme that guides your work?

Making art out of found materials often considered junk.

What profession other than your own would you like to attempt?


What profession would you not like to do?


Who are your favorite artists?

Diebenkorn, Noguchi, and Frank Gehry

What is your favorite tool used to create your work?

My hands

What is your favorite word?


What is your least favorite word?


Who is your favorite musician?

Bobby McFerrin and Wynton Marsalis

How much formal education have you received? Related to your craft.

Masters of Fine Arts from Cranbrook 

Ken Foster Woven Series

Ken Foster Woven Series

Ken Foster Woven Series

Ken’s work, The Woven and Map Series, will be in the gallery until the end of November.