Fun night with the students

It’s always a fun night at City Council when we acknowledge our talented students. For the last 4 years, I have had the pleasure of selecting student artwork based on a local theme that will be reproduced into large banners that hang throughout our Main shopping district.

Main Street GH student artwork banners at City Council

This year the theme was “Fun Things to do in Grand Haven”.

Over the last 4 years, Main Street has been working with Mary Jane Evink and the GHAPS art teachers creating an invitation for students to design artwork with a specific theme.  I select 6 pieces of art that we believe best represents that year’s focus.  The art teachers deliver the student artwork to C2C Gallery for consideration and communicate with the families.  I very much appreciate Mary Jane, the teachers, and parent’s time and efforts with this banner project.  The banners are produced locally by Olmsted Designs and hung by city staff through downtown and centertown for the summer and fall months.  Each student is given a banner with their art.  A private citizen who loves GH anonymously provides for this gift to the students and their families.  Each of the students are holding their artwork.

This year’s artwork was created by: River Allen, Mady Bell, Mohommed Idris, Nathan Burns, Fisher Mancilla, Carmen Tolliver.

Lots of smiles and shaking of hands. A great way to liven up a city council meeting. :).

Take care and doing something creative today, C2

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