Gallery, Studio and Life: 85, Accidents Happen on the Artisan Trail

How are you doing?  I know how Santa’s elves feel in December.  I have been making and making.  So thankful for a great firing last week.  I had orders for beach mugs.  As a clay artist, I know you should never count on a firing for orders.  You need to have a back up plan.  I didn’t have a back up plan.  I have been working long days almost every day since October.  Anyway….you all work hard in your lives.  This is just life.

Please go to my Beach Vessels page on this website.  I have some really nice pieces available right now.  Plus, bowls, mugs, and other pieces at Ox-Bow’s Gallery in Douglas, Michigan.  This coming Saturday, Sarah will be at Julie Sanford’s Studio selling some of my work that is not on the website.  We will have ornaments, cups, small and smaller bowls.  A beach vessel for you to drool over and consider.  Plus, a couple of lighthouse vases.  All of these pieces have our Lake Michigan sand on them.  It’s my signature glaze that I created after taking a course with my friend Robin Hopper.  Robin was a chemist, potter, gardener, and author of many books.  Google his name.  I am honored to have called him a friend.  Ok, I am rambling.

Here are a few quick pictures of what you will see at Julie’s on Saturday, December 10:

The accident?  I have twelve more tumblers firing right now.  They were supposed to fire on Sunday night, then Monday night.  Well, after technical difficulties, they are firing right now.  Keep your fingers crossed, I might have 12 real zingers for Saturday.  Julie’s Studio – 219 N 7th, Grand Haven, Michigan.  Please put the Artist’s Trail on your calendar for this coming Saturday.  You will be supporting small businesses – local artists by shopping at our venues.

Send me a message via any mode that you are comfortable with, regarding pottery, jewelry, or wall art.  I will answer any questions that you have and ship to you within a day or two.  Take good care, Cyndi

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