Have you seen the sculptural ceramic work by Mark Chatterley?

Have you seen the sculptural ceramic work by Mark Chatterley?

 Mark Chatterley with Big BlueHave you seen our sculptural work by Mark Chatterley?

Big Blue, named “Vincent van Chatterley” by one of our customers has been outside our front door through ArtWalk and ArtPrize.  Daily we have visitors stopping to take pictures with “Vince” and their spouse, friends, and kids.  So much fun to watch.  Mark’s big dogs and pups receive a lot of attention.  Everyone seems to relate to his dogs.

 Vincent Van Chatterley and Lisa Hinrichs

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When considering these ceramic sculptural figures, you wonder what was the artist thinking when creating them?  Did it just evolve while being built?  Was a certain idea or mood desired when looking at the form?  Are Mark’s forms literal?  What do they mean?  What do you think about when looking at his human figures?

Mark Chatterley


I visited Mark Chatterley’s studio two years ago.  I learned about his process, saw his studio and kiln.  Wow! 

Walking into his studio you are among his creatures……


Chatterley studio

Can you imagine working throughout the week on your projects, living with these beings?……  I find it fascinating thinking about Mark’s process and sculptural work.


Mark Chatterley's outdoor sculptures  

Mark’s artist statement helps us have a better look into what he is thinking when starting a new sculpture.

“Everything is either moving toward or away from nothingness.  Life, death, creation and destruction this is the world I find myself in.

I want my art to echo these thoughts, everything in a state of flux, changing and reforming.  A sense of decay along with life.  Nothing is permanent and nothing stays the same.

I also try to show thoughts and feelings of the human condition.  Beauty in the malformed, acceptance of the inevitable.  I am doing work of our time for our time, even though I look to the past, the dead for inspiration.”

My daughter, Camille, was here this weekend.  She had a couple of minutes to look at each of our ArtWalk artist’s entries.  Her comments are always interesting to me.  Camille’s opinions are always thoughtful. She read each artist statement, looks again at the work, and usually provides a very interesting perspective2014 artprize stargazer chatterley

Stop in to see what you think or even fall in love with one of the sculptures.  Take one home or display in your office.  Most of Mark’s work can withstand our Michigan winters.

Mark has more than 30 years experience in Figurative Sculpture.  He is nationally and internationally recognized. I have been thrilled to exhibit this ceramic artwork in the gallery and at the Grand Haven Community Center.  The larger forms will be in Grand Haven until October 22.