Find out why Grand Haven’s ArtWalk is Amazing in so many ways.

Find out why Grand Haven’s ArtWalk is Amazing in so many ways.

Have you checked out the artwork around Grand Haven?  There are more than 100 ArtWalk entries all over downtown Grand Haven.  I haven’t gotten to each venue, yet, but I will.  This is the first year that I have been on the actual ArtWalk committee.  Other years, I have pushed my way into different events but stayed on the edges of actual commitment.

Grand Haven’s ArtWalk might not be snazzy like ArtPrize but I think our volunteers get an A+ for pulling all of the events together.  A week ago, we had beautiful warm weather.  Lots of visitors to town.  Many of them, unaware of our local art event.  At C2C, we are actively asking people if they saw our ArtWalk entries and how to look for ArtWalk entries around town.  Each year, for the last four years, people are confused thinking C2C is entirely ArtWalk entries and only open for the Fall.  We laugh at that and tell them more about the gallery and ArtWalk.

What’s amazing about Grand Haven’s ArtWalk?

Each event over the 18 days is organized by more than 200 volunteers.

Community Picnics


Watching the bike parade, made me feel as though we had stepped back in time to small town America, with all of the good ideals related to that concept.




With the bad weather predicted for this weekend, all outdoor events were moved inside.  It takes a lot of energy to shift gears and make it look seamless to anyone visiting.

 What I love about our Fall Art event is that each year we actively involve families – bike parades, kids art making events, art competitions that include all ages, live music, openings for the artists in a variety of venues.

Jack Leaver

Art Making Events




Making art at ArtWalk





#artwalkVideo of our “Sunday on the Grand”

Live Music

Indie rockIndie rock

Professional Artists


Connection to other Art Communities –

This year, Detroit Institute of Art

The Fire Barn Gallery organized an exhibit relating to the Detroit Institute of Art’s collections.  Chris Protas, the Fire Barn Gallery’s curator,  challenged artists to select a piece of art that resonated with them and then create a new piece of artwork relating to that one historical representation.  On October 9 at 6:30pm, the DIA’s Chief Operating Officer, Annmarie Erickson, will select three merit awards, plus speak at our closing award ceremony.

#firebarngallery, #DIA

An example of this push from Chris:  I chose a Jue Ritual Wine Vessel from 1100 – 1300 BC. and created a ceramic version of it, using hand carved stamps relating to our Lake Michigan shoreline.  It was an interesting exercise.  I might have to continue on this path to see where I go.

Jue Pouring vesselCyndi Casemier, #c2cgalleryToday, with the sunshine, I am hoping we continue to have lots of people looking at the great artwork in our downtown area.  So, come on down to Grand Haven’s downtown.  Take a look and place your votes through Tuesday, October 7.  Remember, we are low-tech, using paper ballots.

#artwalkImages by Bob Peskorse and Chris Protas