What runs, jumps, tussles, and asks many questions?

What runs, jumps, tussles, and asks many questions?

mark chatterley sculpture
Mark Chatterley’s Blue Dog

Wow!  What a day!

Tuesday, along with several ArtWalk committee members, and two Grand Haven Area Public School art teachers, we managed a Kid’s Educational Art Day for our local Fourth graders.  I had forgotten how kids run, jump on and off of anything possible, and ask lots of questions.  A friend’s son came home saying that he had a lot of fun.

Goal accomplished!  The kids had fun and looked at art.  This fourth grader thought that there were too many paintings with not enough sculpture.  So, artists, we have a goal for next year – more  art.  Our Grand Haven community foundation provided a grant that covered our transportation costs.  Harbor Restaurants provided lunch for the students and teaching staff.

Our ArtWalk volunteers made the sack lunches, transported lunches, and cleaned up.  The city was wonderful with immediately cleaning up Central Park when the students were done creating their tessellations on the concrete.  “Blessings in a BackPack” received our leftover lunches.  What a great day!

Thank you Bob Peskorse for the images.