Michelle Courier, painter: Love of Water, Mountains, & Forests

Four years ago, Michelle Courier contacted me.  She asked if I was looking for painters. C2C was in the planning stages of opening.  I was focused on pottery.  Paintings were off my radar.  I looked at her website and immediately said “Wow”!.

That first summer, Michelle was a good sport.  She brought several paintings to Grand Haven, spending the weekend here talking with customers about her work.  Two years later, I was able to organize a show in Chicago with the Susan Fredman Design Group for Michelle, Margie Deal-Mattice, Lee Brown, Christine Towner, and Eli Zilke.


Michelle had been known for her tree/forest paintings.  Today, she is known for large landscapes from all over our country.  I love her urban paintings also.


Bottom line, she is a talented painter that is becoming more and more recognized in her industry.  Since 2011, the price of her paintings have more than doubled.  I never recommend purchasing paintings because of the pricing.  You should love the work.  However, if you like landscape artwork, you should consider one of her paintings.  I predict they are only going to continue to increase in price.

Currently, we have three of Michelle’s paintings.

Michelle Courier

Summer Pond, 60 x 36

Michelle Courier

Fall Garden Pond, 36 x 48