Just Sayin: Life, Studio and Gallery 92, Do you worry about getting older?


How are you?  Today, I realized, a month has slipped by since I last wrote a note to you. How can this be?!  I visited my Arizona kids a couple of weeks ago.  It was so much fun.  My oldest son and his wife joined us.  Only my daughter was missing from this gathering.  We missed her.  After several days of playing with the little people, we visited the Scottsdale Fine Arts Expo.  It runs through March 26, 2023.  If you are in the Phoenix area, it’s worth the $10 entry fee.

Arizona Fine Arts Expo:

I met several interesting artists who were very good at sharing why and how they make their work.  I talked to Matt Sievers, Gabriela Aguilera, Jeremy Firehammer, Seth Fairweather and Myron Whitaker.  Here’s a link to learn more: https://arizonafineartexpo.com/

Matt Sievers creates lovely landscape and sometimes abstracted urban paintings.  He told me that he has sold several paintings in the last eight weeks.  Actually, each of the artists mentioned have sold a lot of work in Scottsdale.  I am happy for them.

Gabriela Aguilera creates abstract wall art using encaustic.  She talked about how she is considering her dreams and life when making a series of art.  Windows in and out of the dreams/life.

Jeremy Firehammer is from the St. Joseph, MI area originally.  He and his wife currently live outside of SanDiego.  We talked about walking the beaches of Michigan and California.  His wall hangings sometime relate to his earlier years along the Lake Michigan coast.  He also makes furniture.

Seth Fairweather works in glass and metals.  We enjoyed several of his pieces especially his outdoor sculptures.

Myron Whitaker is a ceramic artist from North Carolina.  We talked for about a half hour.  He has several kilns that he built for his large scale projects.  One of the more interesting things that he said, “I keep to myself so that my work is authentically mine.  I want to think my own thoughts about the world and then create my own vessels and forms.”  I know at times, I look at other artists’ work and go down a new rabbit hole considering a different direction for my ceramic work.

You can see some of my pictures and more about the exhibit using this QR Code:

Arizona fine arts celebration

Or use this link: https://www.instagram.com/reel/CpFvRQkjVfv/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=

Encaustic painting
Some New Recipes:

Lemon Chicken

My daughter in law made this Lemon chicken recipe for her family.  Everyone loved it.  I made it this past weekend and it’s a winner.

Vegetable Fritatta

This is such an easy breakfast, brunch or dinner option.  I always love eggs for supper.

One Pan Spinach and Artichoke Orzo Bake

A couple of interesting articles:

How to become an amateur or generational talented artist

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What do you add to your coffee?  Milk?  Is it milk?


For the record, I don’t really worry about getting older.  For me, I won’t be having elective surgeries to help with sagging skin.  I am always going to try to be thankful that I am old enough to show that I have been on this planet for awhile.  But, with that said, I listened to a Diane Rehm podcast last week while working.  Diane interviewed a doctor who said that we should focus on living well not on how long we live.  He went on to talk about his belief that most of us are average and that we should not have extra ordinary medical procedures after the age of 75.  After listening to their discussion, I am in agreement.  I plan to draw up a legal document telling my family what my wishes are for the future.

I love listening to podcasts while working in the studio.  Sometimes, I need to have just music playing so that I can really concentrate on what I am making.  Here are some things that are in process right now:

Mug in process
Beach bag in process
Beach vessel in process
Beach vessel in process

As I look at the pieces that I have available right now, I am really loving them.  Each one is one of a kind.  The sizes are quite functional.

Ceramic beach vessel
handmade ceramic beach vase
handmade ceramic beach vase
Handmade ceramic bowl

If you wander over to our shopping page, pull down the Beach Vessels heading.  You will see what is currently available.  I hope you can get outside for a walk or a drive.  Maybe some pickleball?

Take good care, Cyndi

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