Looking out my window

Looking out my window.

I am looking out my window amazed that our trees stand with the weight of the snow.  The snow on trees is very beautiful in a way that is different from my usual look at the world.  I prefer sand, sunshine, water movement.  So, on this cold day, I am wondering how do I get this imagery on a pot, a cup, a platter, or even something non-functional.

Do I use a dark or light clay body?  Do I try for a literal representation?  I instantly realize that I will never be successful.  So,  I need to just look at one texture, one small image, that resonates with me, and work towards getting it onto clay.

Here is a teapot that I made a couple of years ago, thinking about this same thing.  I guess it’s time to get to work at revisiting this theme, since I seem to still be wrestling  with it.

If you live in the North, wear lots of layers today.  I am having a hard time convincing myself to leave the house.

Take care, C2.