Paying attention to how we get bored.

Paying attention to how we get bored.

I was reading about artists and the lives that we lead.  Often artists are seen as extroverts leading gregarious lives.  For many of us, the part of our life that we love the most is our private time to work on our art in a space that values our quiet interior life.  I have a hard time slowing down many days to be quiet and really get to work.  Thinking about future pots, sketching, planning out a one of a kind piece rather than just sitting down and “making”.  It is hard.  But, I know that it is a requirement for moving forward in my work.  I hope I can make myself slow down each day, enough to listen to my inner voice.

Ceramics always amaze me with our options as to how to form it, have texture or no texture, pattern or no pattern, glaze options.  It is endless.  It has been the one thing in my life that I haven’t gotten bored with after learning necessary skill sets to be fairly accomplished.  When I was in accounting or banking, I would work hard to learn the necessary skills, then want to move on to the next position.  Never did I want to have depth of knowledge.  Just learn it, prove I can do it.  Ok, what’s the next position of interest?  With ceramics, I am always wanting to know more or try something new.

At C2C Gallery, you will find many different techniques in manipulating the clay.
Here a couple examples:

Julie Dever's Casserole

Julie Dever’s Casserole

Julie Dever’s quiet wood fired pots are thrown on the potter’s wheel.  Her throwing skills are impeccable.


Two sculptures that caught my eye and continue to resonate with me:

De Staebler sculpture

De Staebler Sculpture

Mark Chatterley's Sculpture

Mark Chatterley’s Sculpture

Don’t forget that tomorrow night is First Friday Gallery Walk.  Our kiln formed glass artists, Cynthia Fielding and Carolyn O’Hearn will be in the gallery.  We have a new musician to the gallery, Jack Leaver, playing his guitar.  Check out our online purchasing opportunities –