Persistence and pure Stubbornness in repairing a gas kiln

Persistence and pure Stubbornness in repairing a gas kiln. I did it! I fixed my Bailey Gas Kiln! Covered in soot but I got it done. It makes you feel so good when you overcome a problem that has been nagging you for a long time. We were so busy this summer in the gallery (C2C Gallery) that I could only find small windows of time to work on taking a part the blowers and burners; scraping and cleaning them; then putting it all back together. I did it three times.

My firing on Saturday was successful. The kiln roared to completion. It was so much fun. Here are some images of the new pots. They aren’t great but I wanted to share.

Shino glazed porcelain serving bowl

Shino porcelain mug with beach glaze

Shino glazed porcelain boat

In the gallery, we are getting ready for Light Night. A downtown Grand Haven tradition of the official lighting of the lampposts and storefronts. Free Hot Chocolate is served. Julie and Sarah have created a scavenger hunt in the gallery with a drawing for a gorgeous wooden serving bowl; a Lake Michigan photograph by Bob Walma; and a Christi Dreese, lakeshore related print of one of her original paintings. Many of the stores will have special offerings. So, come on down to downtown Grand Haven Friday, November 16, 5-8pm.

Getting Ready for Shop Small Saturday

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