Kiln Firing Day: Art for Your Daily Life

Kiln Firing Day: Art for Your Daily Life. Many of my friends know that I have been struggling with the repair of my gas kiln. With help of Jim Bailey (Bailey Pottery) and another engineer friend. I think we have fixed the problems. Yeah! I won’t bore you with the details. But, I was covered in soot taking burners and blowers apart several times. I think I could dismantle my kiln now with my eyes closed.

I lit the kiln last night. The flames look right and the blowers are quiet. I even have work waiting to go in the next firing.

Glazed pots waiting to be fired

Lots of gold and orange shinos plus celedon glazes in this load. Monday night, we will be able to learn whether this was a successful firing AND whether I fixed the firing problems.

Bob Walma composed an interesting angle of my little houses. He is one of our C2C Gallery photography artists.

Happy Saturday, everyone! Cyndi Casemier, art for your life,

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