Martin Luther King Jr – things matter

Martin Luther King Jr – things matter. It’s Election Day here in the United States. I hope all registered vote. I know that won’t happen but we can dream. Here is a quote that I think is relevant almost every day.

Quote by Martin Luther king JR

“The space between what we do and say AND actually accomplish can be very great. Even with the best of intentions.”

Bailey gas kiln

It’s a busy time in the studio. I have a bisque kiln firing with enough for a second as soon as this one cools. Glazing starts today. There are lots of vases, serving bowls, mugs, new tea light candleholders, and more. I think I have my gas kiln “fixed” and ready to roar. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Please vote today if you live you in the US. Your vote counts. Peace everyone. C2.

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