Wrapping up Our PaperClay Workshop with Graham Hay

From our reviews – we organized and managed a successful paperclay workshop. It does take a village to accomplish these projects. Thank you to Lee Ann Frame, Matt (our studio technician), Mike Taylor, Muskegon Community College, Laguna Clay Company, Graham Hay, and Sarah Mattone. All of you, helped enormously with regard to details, etc.

Graham Hay arrived a flight early on Thursday evening. I was very grateful for the earlier arrival. We got to bed at a decent time, allowing him to catch up to our time zone a bit.

Graham Hay getting right to work.

Graham started us off with strips of dry paper clay strips and challenging us to make a tall structure. The idea was to show us how we could use dry to wet construction. (Breaking all traditional clay rules.)

Working together in teams using paperclay

Very interesting constructs.

Lee Ann Frame and Cyndi Casemier defying gravity plus having fun.

Paperclay construction

Paper clay construction


Paperclay construction

Paperclay construction

Graham Hay instructing possibilities with paperclay

From there, Graham discussed how you can create components in paperclay; let them dry; then attach dry to wet. Creating much more complicated and/or larger sculpture.

Larger sculpture pieces in paperclay

More complicated ideas in paperclay

More complex paperclay forms

Yes, you can throw on the potter’s wheel with paperclay

Matt, our studio technician, proved that you can throw paperclay on the potter’s wheel. He threw several sections and then combined them. Followed by adding interesting components to it. Now, how is he going to get this piece into the kiln?

We played for three days. Our classmates came from all walks of life with a wide range of artistic backgrounds. We laughed and learned a lot. It will be interesting to stay in touch to see where we all go with using this type of clay body.

The West Michigan PaperClay workshop 2018

On Monday, Graham and I hiked out to Lake Michigan from my house. It rained part of the way. It sure felt good to get some exercise.

Graham Hay visiting Lake Michigan.

See some of Graham’s PaperClay Sculptures:

Bigger than life paper clay sculpture by Graham Hay

Graham Hay with paperclay sculpture

Graham Hay paper clay sculpture

Organizing this workshop, reminded me that I truly enjoy managing these types of programs. We will be offering another one in 2019. Take care everyone, c2

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