Process, Graphic Design, Installation

It’s that time of year.  Tens of thousands of ceramic artists head to one city in the United States for their version of a Trade Show.  NCECA – National Council on the Education for the Ceramic Arts is taking place in Kansas City.

I used to attend each year.  The first one that I attended was in Denver.  I remember that I tried to sit in on every conference and see every exhibit.  An impossible task.  So many fantastic exhibits every where you look.  NCECA is a mixing of generations.  Eye candy for the soul.


Over the years, the focus at these conferences change.  I can remember seeing lots of  functional pottery, then sculpture, then use of decal.  This year it seems to be about process, graphic design, and installations.  After attending Artprize this past year, with their Site:Lab on Rumsey Street, moments in time is the focus across the country by many artists of all ages.  Maybe it’s generational, maybe I can’t slow down enough to experience what is being communicated.  I am not sure what I think.

It’s all about the process……