Collaboration and “The Sacredness of Hands”

Cyndi throwing on kickwheel

I was honored to be interviewed by Local First West Michigan a few weeks ago.  Since, that time I have been wondering “Did I say the right things?  What will actually be written about the gallery and our artists?  Did the pictures turn out ok?  Should I have Bob Walma send some of his professional ones?  All questions that are asked in hindsight.  


Mallory Huizenga did a great job telling the C2C Gallery story.  Actually, I think she told it better than I have heard it in a long time.  Seeing the gallery,  through her eyes makes me step back and say “Maybe we are putting the “right” message out there and visitors/customers do really “get” us.  
One of my favorite sentences from this interview is Mallory’s obvious love and interest in handmade objects.  She says “The process of creating with the hands becomes a spiritual practice. It reaches beyond one’s self. When we grasp local, handmade art we also grasp, with our mind, the power of local and of community. By purchasing the work of makers, not only do we bring beautiful art into our home, but we also support the work of our neighbor and in return take part in building a stronger community enriched with beauty and joy.”
Wow!  Mallory really understands the heart and soul of making.  Then, giving to another or to yourself.
Please take the time to read the complete interview.  It will make you smile and think of the makers in your life.  Then, take 5 minutes and watch Richard Aerni with his obvious love of ceramics.  

Richard Aerni

Arts InFocus – Richard Aerni

Richard Aerni jar