Second Day of Class

We woke to rain yesterday morning. That is ok! We will be spending the day learning the rules of the studio and classroom, get our hands on the school’s porcelain, and begin making.

Antonionette began sharing her porcelain knowledge while we made pinch pots listening to her explain the temperaments of our chosen clay body – porcelain. It can be a mistress kind or challenging on many days. Maybe a bit like me.

I love porcelain! Absolutely love it. When I first began taking clay classes in a small room above downtown Montpelier, Vermont store, I struggled for more than 5 years in the weekly throwing lessons. I didn’t think I would ever learn to center two pounds of clay. But, like learning to play a musical instrument or ride a bicycle in challenging environments, your body builds memory. One day, you are able to center the clay, perform that one musical piece, or ride that bike uphill, finally, with lots of practice. 24 years later, the first instructor I had predicted correctly that I would fall in love with porcelain. At the time, I said “how do you know?” You just do!
This morning the sun is shining. I slept almost 8 hours. Yeah!! But, received a text message from across the world, saying “I’m sick. I have three performances.” All I can do is say “I am sorry, honey. Lot’s of tea. Sleep as much as you can and do your best. It’s all you can do.” Sent my daughter kisses from a far falling
back to sleep.

Take good care and be creative in some way today. C2