C2C’s exhibits revolve around a theme, artist, or style of work.  Last October, I asked Julie Devers and Michael Kifer to create work for a joint show.  I greatly appreciate both of their ceramic work.  Polar opposite of one another.

Julie wrote this poem for the Kalamazoo Art Institute, where she teaches.  It gives you a glimpse into the thoughts of a potter who fires a wood kiln.

Wall hanging/Platter by Julie Devers

I Ask 


I ask how did I bruise my arm?
did you hold mine?
have you raked recently?
do you have a tall skinny pot?
is someone ready to stoke that side?
can someone send in some floor bricks?
how did the graveyard go?
wow, did you see that flame out the stack?
who brought the banana bread?
I ask who do we have for the fire-off?
The questions are asked through artist time and artist creation.
“At this juncture I would put the question might not beauty and the love of the beautiful perhaps bring peace and harmony.  Could it not carry us forward to new concepts of life’s meaning?”
“Can you hear me in the back?”
“How many times must a man look up before he can see the sky?”
The questions are endless, like the shigaraki night sky, surrounding the half moon and the cone of flame.  Even owls ask their question to the graveyard shift. “who? who?”
If I could belch out the answers with the confidence of an overheated train,
I may as well pull over onto the shoulder or begin sleeping at night.
                                                                                 by:  Julie Devers

Tea bowls and Larger Bowl by Julie Devers
(This poem is from a 2010 publication, Shaped By Fire.  It was poetry and reflections from the 10th anniversary of the Kalamazoo Institute of Arts anagama kiln.)
 Baby Teapot by Michael Kifer
First Friday Gallery Walk.  6 – 8pm.  The “Yin and Yang of Ceramics” is up, ready for your viewing.  Friday night, March 1, listen to Michael Drost perform jazz on his acoustical guitar and enjoy our refreshments, throughout the evening.
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