Life of a Potter, taking chances, and getting ready for the Holidays…

It’s almost December 25th!We have new artwork that arrives throughout the month.  Each week, I think, I will find time to throw on the potter’s wheel, but not to be.  I haven’t thrown since mid November.

I did get a chance to fire the gas kiln two weeks ago.  I had three large trays in this firing.  All three of them cracked or slumped.  Here it is, December, and I will not have large trays for sale until January.  Missed the entire Holiday Season.  The life of a potter, never a dull moment.  I did have several very nice small tray sets out of this last firing.  They sold the first weekend.  Only one is left.

I made small candle holders and small dishes.  The small dishes would be perfect for soy sauce, olive oil, or jewelry next to a sink.   The candleholders are the right size for our small Green Daffodil candles.  Also, Michael Kifer’s small square plates would be perfect as a soap dish.

Kifer square plates
Michael Kifer’s Square Plates

Michelle Courier was featured in January’s Art Collector Magazine.  I am thrilled for her national exposure.  She is very talented and I love having her paintings in the gallery.

January American Art Collector’s Magazine

I organized an ornament making workshop.  You could use these at Christmas or on packages throughout the year.  I have had customers making them today, Saturday.  Plus, this coming Wednesday, I will have the supplies ready for any creative people.  It is fun, easy, and you will be surprised at how creative you can be.

Have you been checking your lists?  Let me help you complete your Holiday shopping.
Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas,

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