Yesterday, a man came into the gallery.  He was selling vibrating speakers.  He asked if I would like to sell them in the gallery.  I looked around the store and said “We only offer handmade items for sale here.”  The salesman said to me, “These were made by someone’s hands and they are going to be a best selling item in the future.  You can count on it. “
He got me to thinking, I wonder if you know why I opened C2C.   I was an accountant, working in a bank.  Worked hard, week after week.  Taking care of my customers and  family.  I never had time for a hobby.  Just kept my head down, doing what had to be done.  Then, I moved to Vermont.  As a way to meet people, I started taking clay classes. I fell in love with making pots.   I also realized that having handmade items in my life brings pleasure to my everyday tasks.  The mug I use in the morning was made by a potter that I met over the years.  The platter I use to serve fish was made by a special man, Robin Hopper, in British Columbia.
Spin forward, 18 years.  I am still in love with all forms of pottery and artwork.   For most artists, they spend their days in solitude working their craft.  It can be lonely.   My favorite part of being a banker was talking with customers, getting to know them, and helping them.  May 2011, I opened C2C Gallery.  My plan:  have a working ceramic studio where you can watch me work, provide a venue for artists to sell their craft,  help you select artwork that you will enjoy for many years, and have fun talking with you when come into C2C.



Video of Karisa performing on May 28, 2011

video by Bob Walma

c2c gallery 2011