You have to love Michigan’s winters. We can go from three feet of snow to 40 degrees and slush, slop, and gray days. Today is one of those days. Strangely, it makes me just a bit happy because I can look out my studio windows and see that in the next day or so, I will have a clear path to where I make my glazes and clean up the buckets when I am done. I was so busy getting ready for the Holiday sales that I didn’t have a chance to top off my glaze buckets for the winter months. I think I might get my opportunity in the next couple of days! It is strange what gets me excited these days.

Brian brought home red tulips last week. It was such a nice idea! A different type of red during this very red and green holiday season. A suggestion that spring will arrive in the near future. Brian purchased them at Wealthy at Charles in Grand Rapids. It is a unique store in our area. Time to get into the studio.

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