We are not your ordinary gallery

We are not your ordinary gallery, in so many ways.  Did you know that our average item is priced at $55?  The handmade art at C2C Gallery ranges from $8 to $3,800.

So many things going on in the gallery and around Grand Haven.  We continue to host the High School Ceramics and Jewelry Show.  A virtual exhibit by one of our potters.  New work continues to be delivered to the shop.  We are getting ready for this summer.

I have been working in porcelain and taking an online class with Antoinette Badenhorst.  She calls porcelain the “Diva” of clay bodies.  I am learning a lot from her and falling in love with porcelain.

Hand built by Antoinette Badenhorst

Three of our artist’s in the gallery, plus myself, use this Diva.  Becky Rotter uses it to create her painterly flowered functional pots.  Mike Taylor uses it many times when he is firing a wood kiln.  Brooks Bouwkamp uses porcelain to create his crystalline glazed pots.

Mike Taylor Teabowl

Around town this weekend, it’s MacKite’s 26th Kite Festival.  I am keeping my fingers crossed for them with regard to the weather.  Check out their website for festival information.

Kite Festival by Bob Walma
image by Bob Walma