We lost a humble man on New Year’s Eve.

There are many stories being shared about Warren MacKenzie. If you google his name, you will find several. I only met Warren once at his home.

Warren MacKenzie Yunomis

Yunomi by Warren MacKenzie

My oldest son and his wife live in Minneapolis. They have little interest in visiting potters or their studios but they indulged me on a visit. I called ahead and Warren graciously agreed to let us visit. Several of my clay friends are good friends of his and they connected me to him. (One of the things that I love about potters. They are so friendly.)

Warren MacKenzie in his studio

Warren was firing that day and the kids were able to see what a gas kiln looks like when almost to final temperature. We are all amazed by his agility and grace. The funny thing was that on that trip Anthony Schaller was in Minnesota the same weekend. He and I kept meeting the same potters about an hour apart from one another. Anthony had built a relationship with Warren selling his wares for him in Michigan. Warren invited us back into his home to show us his cupboard filled with handmade pots. For me, it was like Christmas, I was invited to pull out any bowl or platter to examine it; hold it, turn it over; feel the pot’s curves; its weight and glaze. My kids didn’t get it that they were meeting a legend in my world. They did understand my day was complete with this visit.

Warren made pots for almost 70 years. He believed in making functional work that would be used daily. This potter believed in a quiet aesthetic and wanted his pots priced so that anyone could afford them. If you would like to learn more about Warren and his making, I have attached a link below. You can click on the image or the link:

Warren MacKenzie at his studio


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