What a fun night! Seeing good friends. Listening to Wonderful Music. A New Artist.

And it’s a wrap!  Friday evening was so much fun!

Bob Walma, Cyndi Casemier, Christi Dreese, Julie Minnema, Sarah Mattone on First Friday 2019

Sarah and Julie worked hard making plans for the anniversary party.  They had a fun idea of asking the artists for little known stories/facts about themselves and how long they have been a C2C artist.  We hung the information with their stories.  Some of you might not know or remember that in the beginning, both Christi and Bob helped in the gallery so that I could work in my studio. Now, we have Julie and Sarah, who can share stories about our artists and provide information about the displayed artwork (whether it’s pottery, glass, paintings, photography, hand pulled prints, or jewelry).

Some little known facts:  Did you know that Richard Aerni co-owned a restaurant and loves food? Or did you know that Casey Bemis is a classically trained pianist?

Karisa Wilson Sprite provided lovely music throughout the evening.  We had several people remark what a fabulous voice she has and how impressive her ability to hit each note dead on.  Karisa is a very talented musician and teacher for stringed instruments and voice.  If you couldn’t join us, click on her image to listen to this original compilation:

Karisa Wilson 2019

(Karisa Wilson Sprite singing “Sad Portrait”)

Grand Haven Garden House created a lovely floral arrangement using one of my vases.  I am always surprised by how lovely flowers look in handmade vases (just sayin).  Then, one of our favorite couples, arrived with flowers also from the same florists.  Plus, my mom brought flowers from her garden.  Boy, did I feel the love!

Julie Devers vase with flowers

Bob Walma spent most of the evening behind his camera.  Christi caught him in action, which made me crack up.  I think Bob is most comfortable behind the lens instead of in front of it.

Bob Walma taking pictures at C2C gallery

He has taken so many pictures of me and the gallery over the years that quite often, I do this (not very ladylike):

Cyndi reacting to bob walma taking a picture

Denise LeClaire and several other friends have help us out during First Fridays.  Without their help, visitors would be wondering “Can I just grab some food or what?”  Thank you, Denise, Annie, and Therese.

Denise LeClaire

Our featured artist for June and Julie is Kerry Rolewicz.  She was in the gallery on Friday.  So was, Stephen Bowen, Thomas Webber, Diane Van Noord, Christi Dreese, Bob Walma, and Lee Ann Frame.  More pictures from the evening.

kerry rolewicz featured artist


Thank you again, if you attended our anniversary party.  Thank you for supporting our artists.  It’s time to get back into the studio.  The kiln is humming along today.  Have a great day everyone and try to do something creative today.  Take care, C2

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