Yesterday, I got thinking about beach life, living close to an ocean, and what that means. It was a mild Sunday and the sun was shining, so we spent a couple of hours walking along the lakeshore.

Wait, I meant to share this article from a 1996 NY Times writer:

Okay, if you live close to the Great Lakes, you probably have heard about the water levels of Lake Michigan. It’s really high. There are lots of homes at risk, businesses under water, flooded rivers, etc. One of the things that I often hear, is the question “Are we at the same levels as in 1986?” One thing I do know is that, yesterday, we had a lot more beach than we did last summer. The power of water and wind is incredible.

Here is a picture from last summer:

Buchanan Beach, Ottawa County, on Lake Michigan

Yesterday’s beach:

City beach grand haven michigan kiteboarding

Ottawa county michigan Lake Michigan beaches and the erosion

Last summer, none of these pylons were exposed. They were either under the sand or under sand and water. We might have had 2-4 feet of walking space.

The ruble is both sad and interesting. The sun felt wonderful even with the winds. Along the way, we talked to a few people also enjoying the sunshine. One of the couples, purchased a cousin’s home about 15 years ago. In this small community, these discoveries happen often. I had wondered who was living in that wonderful house and now I know. I think they love the home as much as my cousins. We also found several pieces of beach glass. We hunt for glass while walking. It’s like looking for shells.

Lake Michigan beach glass found at Ottawa county michigan beaches

We keep our found beach glass in a wood fired ceramic platter by Julie Devers. She loves walking the beaches too. I won’t be touching clay until after the new year. I am thinking about new projects and how to incorporate water and sand movement. Take good care, c2.

Ceramic boat made in porcelain by Cyndi Casemier

Porcelain serving bowl with water etchings of sand movement by Cyndi CAsemier

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