Clayblazers: Women Artists of the ‘50s, ‘60s, & ‘70s

Clayblazers: Women Artists

Love! Love! Loved this exhibit at the Arizona State University Art Museum! We made an appointment to see this exhibit and a private tour of the Ceramic Research Center. Kathryn Medill is the Audience Experience Coordinator for the museum. We very much appreciated her generosity in opening the research center for us. Our student guide, Lauren, was very charming.

Seeing so many pieces of ceramics from women that the four of us respect enormously, all in one room, is a day to be remembered for a long time. I think I will be quiet and just show you some of the pieces that we saw:

Female clayblazers

Beatrice Wood, ceramic artist

Ruth Duckworth

Susanne Stephenson

Takaezu ceramic sculpture


Cynthia Bringle casserole

Virginia Cartwright teapot

Elsa Rady porcelain vase

Rose Cabot porcelain vases

Lucia Rie vessels

Betty Woodman

Fannie Nampeyo, Native American, arizona

Karen Karne’s ceramic sculptural vessel

Santana Martinez, Native American New Mexico

Marguerite Wildenhain

Quote by Marguerite Wildenhain

Santana Martinez Red Feather Design Plate

Viola Frey, Phoenix Art Museum

Quote at the ASU ceramic art center

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