Creativity surrounds us in Tuscany

I walk to school each morning seeing the fog hanging in the valley just like it did in Vermont. It’s lovely. It’s also a nice way to start your day walking to your course. I get to see any changes in the grape vines and olive trees, think about work to be completed. Since arriving in Italy, plants are waking and you can see them greening up.
We put in a long day yesterday, 9am until almost 10pm. I had a much better day of making and working on the forms that I created both on the wheel and hand built. Antonionette works the room. She goes from artist to artist checking in with them, answering questions, solving issues. Then, goes back to demonstrating or providing technical information about porcelain and its properties. She reminds us that porcelain is a Diva, one of a kind. She follows her own rules. It’s a fun analogy.
We have been challenged to find work that resonates with us in Peter Lane’s books focused on porcelain. Then, research that artist. Look, really look at their designs. Begin sketching. Keep sketching. In a year or two, look back to see if you are getting closer to your ideas. BUT, stay the course.
Work that intrigues me:
Take good care and be creative today. C2