Out of the Classroom

Yup, lots of pots being made. Very thin porcelain bowls and more. We are turning hand-built and wheel thrown bowls into sculpture. Very small sculptural artwork.

None of our pieces will be as fine as Antoinette’s but we are making progress. Last night we took a ride to the small hilltop town of Barbarino. An organic grower of grapes and olives, La Spinosa, hosted us for wonderful food paired with several of their wines and olive oils. Claudia, director of La Meridiana, used to be a partner with this group. She was our tour guide being very informative and fun throughout the evening.

La Spinosa means the porcupine in Italian. They had large porcupine needs in cups around their store. I wonder if that means I might come across one on my walks to school?
It’s Friday, our fifth day at LaMeridiana. We will put in our last long day. The goal today is to not crack or drop anything accidentally. 🙂

Take good care and do something creative today. C2