Did you watch the TV show “West Wing”?

Did you watch the TV show “West Wing”?

Anna Deavere Smith“What you are will show, ultimately.” 
Anna Deavere Smith, actor, playwright, & professor

I thought I would mix it up today.  The last few posts have been about our C2C gallery artists.  I read several blogs each week.  It’s my form of a newspaper.  One that I followed was by Robert Genn.  He died from cancer this past year (which reminds me that I need to talk about our Cancer fundraiser that will be in November, but I am off point.  Sorry).  His daughter, Sara, is writing now under the same link.  She uses some of his greatest hits and adds her own.  Today’s newsletter, Letters to a Young Artist, resonated with me because there is a book with a similar title between a potter, Christa Assad, and a collector.  So, I had to read more of her note, which had me googling Anna Deavere Smith.  I discovered that I used to watch this woman on the television show “West Wing”.  I liked her character.  So…..  I looked a bit more and found a TED talk.

Anna Deavere Smith TED talk

TED Talk:  Four American Characters

What caught my attention in Sara’s newsletter was this quote:   “Anna implores us to plan our lives — to be the authors. “Be more than ready. Be present in your discipline. Remember your gift. Be grateful for your gift and treat it like a gift. Cherish it, take care of it, and pass it on. Use your time to bathe yourself in that gift. Move your hand across the canvas. Go to museums. Make this into an obsession.”   I took the time to listen and watch Anna’s TED talk.  I enjoyed her improvisations.

For me the take away was by Studs Terkel.  He said, “Technology brings on Less and Less Human Touch.”  Or something to that effect.   That statement is what C2C Gallery is all about.  Handmade.  Made by Humans/Artists.

If you can’t create, please help support an artist who does.  I love having handmade dishes, jewelry, candles, soaps, paintings, clothing and more in my life.  I hope you do also.